Dog moms, help!


6 weeks ago, my dog had TPLO surgery for a torn ACL on his back right leg. Within a week of the surgery he popped open his stitches. The vet used surgical glue to close the incision up again, within a week of that he popped it open again, then the vet put staples in, my dog pulled those out. And finally the vet just said to let it heal on it’s own. And it did! The incision closed, my dog can walk again, it’s great🎉

BUT my dog won’t stop chewing on the leg, so now, just above his incision site there’s a raw patch with no hair because he won’t stop chewing/licking it! We can’t get the dummy to leave it alone😩

We put the cone of shame on him every time he’s left alone, and he wears pants all day long (yes, pants)

I’ve considered putting something gross tasting on it to deter him.. but it’s still an open wound and that probably won’t help the healing process either..

any ideas on how to keep him away from it??

Thank you!

(He’s a 75lb pitbull if that makes a difference)