Itchy vagina at night

Hi <a href="">Eve</a> community, 
So I noticed my vagina has been itchy at night for a couple days now. So I decided to take a video of it to see what’s going on down there. And i can see these white patches on my vagina, where it itches. So im wondering what it could be. Im going to book an appointment at the doctors to find out. But I just wanted to ask you guys to see if anyone can help. So yeah I have been sexually active. But the thing is I noticed it was itchy before I had sex so I don’t think it’s that. Also I have been rubbing soap in and around my vagina and maybe I didn’t wash it properly, I don’t know. It started burning me so i rinsed it. I can’t think of anything else what could have caused this.  Also it only starts itching me at night...
Any suggestions please?