The worst day imaginable

Today was my first appointment and my doctor said that he wants to get a better ultrasound at a radiology center just because of my miscarriage in the past.. no problem..

I go over there and they don’t have an appointment until the 10th.. 🙄

My sister texted me and asked if I wanted to watch a niece tonight and of course I do..

I clean the house and everything and I get a text “ we’re just going to bring her” 🙄

So then I was putting all the cleaning supplies away in the hall closet and the rod where you hang your clothes on pops out and lands on my big toe breaking the skin right open. 😫

So now I got no ultrasound, no niece to watch to make me feel better, and a bleeding throbbing big toe.

Needless to say I broke down.. I screamed and I cried for a good 10 minutes. I think you just have to cry. I’m not sure if that would affect my pregnancy... how mad and upset I got. I hope not but I just couldn’t take today anymore.

I would do anything for a glass of wine and a bath right about now lol 😕

But my baby is much more important to me ❤️