sexless relationship rant

I'm 21, bisexual, with an extremely high sex drive. My boyfriend constantly complains if I have attractive women on my Instagram, simply because I'm bisexual. He thinks that I'll want to masturbate to their pictures...uhm NO, thats what he does.

Any who, point is..he's afraid of me being attracted to another woman, and cheating on him. He complains about me being dry at times..but he constantly rejects me sexually. It hurts, and he pushes me away every time. Thats what he doesn't seem to understand. As stupid as it may seem, my self esteem goes down with every rejection.

Have in mind that we're 3 years into the relationship. We used to be very sexually active. Car sex, sex in the garage, the laundry room..multiple times a day, blow job on the side of the freeway, you name it. Now, he prefers to watch porn, and do it himself. Always saying no to me whenever I want sex. And it fkn hurts.. It makes me feel repulsive, even though I know I'm not. Even his own friends all tried getting at me when we broke up a few months back. I know that I'm an attractive young woman with a nice body, but for some reason, all of this logic goes away with every rejection..leaving me feeling disgusting. What do I do?