What does your partner do to make your period days a little easier?

I have endometriosis which causes a plethora of issues for me. I essentially cant do anything while on my period. I get debilitating cramps, nausea, vomiting, and I will sometimes get so dizzy that I faint.

My husband feels so horrible that there’s really nothing he can do to make me feel better physically, but he is so awesome during my period.

He drives to the store and gets me tampons, pads, my favorite candy and a box of devils food cookies (my favorite). He then gets my heating pads ready with blankets and fluffed pillows on the couch. He gets Netflix ready for me, and then gives me the space that I need since I can be a bit grumpy. He’s so sweet, and I make sure to do something sweet for him when I start feeling better to show my appreciation.

What does your S.O do to ease the pain of having your period?