Ovulated early dafuq?!

I have pcos and my cycles are all the way messed up. So we have been trying to concieve baby #2 for over 8 months now and have been getting more frustrated. Decided to drop some serious cash on a first response ovulation test after trying the cheap amazon test and never getting a positive. So i didnt know when to test and was just testing to see what line i would get and got a positive on cycle day 9...i was like 🤔 something must be wrong with this test. So then i tested again the next day and still had the darkest line...so i grabbed my husband and bd just in case it was right. Then the next day during the day i had a positive and then 12 hrs later i got a negative...so i was talking to my husband about how this whole time i thought my cycles were long so i must ovulate late when really im ovulating right after my period ends...😣well we bd everyday and were praying this month is our bfp so we can surprise family for christmas. Babydust to you all