13 month or less


So at 20 i got pregnant lost my baby at 7 week was due @21 (24/June/2016)

@21 i got pregnant was due age 21 once again had baby at 28weeks on 9/May2017

@21 again just turned 22 9days ago and find out i am expecting again.

I know they say build in your twenties but I have taken the messege wrong way😐

don’t get me wrong children are a blessing

my first was due on 10th Feb 2017 even if i didnt loose the baby My children would of been 2 under 2... maybe its meant to be. My worries are my pot of gold baby (baby after a rainbow baby) will b prem too. Only 2 week ago I give away my newborn baby clothes🤔 Reason being After 18 months of havin a prem you are high risk for another!!

What if the new baby is born on my daughters birthday or even earlier???

My due date is also calculated a day before my first babys death anniversary 25/June2018.

My minds all over place someone give me reassurance please ??? I don’t know what to do😭😭