Beyond Excited & Blessed

Chris'ta • Wife and Mother ❤️. Gave birth to my rainbow and miracle April 2018. Currently expecting my 2nd Jan 2020. 🙏🏽

So after 2 miscarriages earlier this year my husband and I are finally pregnant again. I know without a doubt this is our rainbow that we've waited and prayed so very hard for. Words can't describe how excited, blessed, and happy we are. God is so good! We prayed for this baby, even after losing our first two babies this year we refused to give up but kept speaking that we will be pregnant, that our baby will be healthy, loss is no more!!! We asked and we received, just as his word says! If anyone of you are going through a loss, or are pregnant again after a loss please stay positive and be encouraged. You will have your rainbow baby, you will hold a healthy and beautiful baby!!! Don't give up, and don't let your past scare you or prevent you from enjoying your next pregnancy and blessing! Prayer changes things, God certainly has truly blessed us with this wonderful life I am carrying. I refuse to worry or be scared or nervous because of my two previous loss earlier this year. I am 12 weeks today and I am incredibly happy and blessed to be carrying my rainbow baby ❤️🌈👶🏽

12 week ultrasound Heartbeat 155BPM &baby; was even moving around!!! 🤗