💔He wants to leave me, He’s acting so indifferent 😞

My sweet LO used to be sooooo amazingly sweet and caring and romantic. He used to text me every morning as kiss me before he leaves for work.

But now he leaves at 7am for work and won’t call me up until 3pm when I’m on way to work.

He’s just being soooooo different. I know he’s not cheating but I feel like he don’t care to cheat or not cheat anymore.

I’ve been a bitch, I know I haven’t been the best fiancé. I am moody, depressive, and bi polar.

Bu I do love and appreciate him. I just feel like if our relationship end it’ll be such a fail from my end.

Everyone that meets us or knows us always tells us how much of cute couple we are and how good we look together. We’ve also accomplished a lot together.

We share a 1 year old son and he’s an amazing dad! Their bond is unbreakable.

I wish i wasn’t the way I am sometimes, I am a cancer so I tend to bottle things in and hide in my shelf 😞 and eventually just walk away, deal with the pain and move on.

I don’t want this to end.

Any advice from married couples ? How you do it?😩 how do you deal with hard times?