Read please (this is short)

Andy • :)

So I'm in 7th grade. My crush is in 8th grade. He's the vice principal of our school's son. He plays the tuba in an exclusive band group with me. We both dance in the same Nutcracker performance. (He's Fritz and I'm Arabian and waltz corps, meaning in three of the four scenes I'm in, my top is a bra.) I'm asking him out tomorrow during rehearsal and I'M SO FREAKING NERVOUS. Please pep talk me :)


He had to go get fitted for jazz shoes in the costume shop (a different room in the studio we rehearse in), and I went with him. He got his shoes and we were walking back towards the room. I was a super red, sweaty, nervous wreck. I just said "can I say something crazy?" And he just made eye contact with me as we walked as asked me "what?", and I had to look at the floor because I was so crazy nervous. I just started stalling because HOLY HELL WAS THAT AWKWARD. I was afraid that he'd judge me for asking him out when I've only known him for a few weeks. My friend knew I was asking him out, and she came up to me and held me in place so that I couldn't run away as she asked him for me because she knew I was struggling. I then broke free from her and ran away. Then she dragged me back, and I couldn't look at him because I knew I'd blush redder than the tomato I already was, but my friend made me look him in the eyes (as he was about 4 feet away from me) and he just asked "wait, what did she say?" So my friend repeated herself as I stood there with my arms crossed and all the blood in my body in my face. He just asked "where?" And I was just like "wait, what? I don't know...?" I was just thinking 💭WAIT HOLY F*** HE ACTUALLY KINDA SAID YES 💭 and he said he'd ask about free time. He said he'd agree if I just got a plan.

I'm thinking a Harry Potter movie marathon next weekend.