Should she be mad???

This girl that is at my school is mad at me about breaking her and her boyfriend up but lemme tell u what had happened!!!!

At the time he was flirting with me and I wasn’t paying it no attention but my Bestfriend got my phone went onto snapchat added him and txted him and all of that!!

When his gf found out she had got a attitude saying I’m being to friendly around him. She threw shade and I threw it back

I went to apologize to her and letting her know I am truly sorry about the mess that took place but she wanna take screenshots!!

But here’s the thing: your bf was calling you brats, puta’s (bïtćh) and all this other stuff.

But I’ve known this girl since Kindergarten lived down the street from her and everything and I didn’t even do anything and I said I had liked him as a friend and now she got mad at me and I hardly even talked to this boy and it was my Bestfriend cause she logged onto my snap but the summary is NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!

I’ve tried to be her friend telling her I didn’t even do anything but nope she don’t wanna listen!!

But she moved on that fasted she now talking to a 10th grader when she in the 7th but it’s cool 😎

What should I do??!!!