Help Ladies FTM !

I Am A first time mom with a 5 week old baby . He’s been really fussy since 2 days ago .

at 11:30 pm ill feed him put him down and he’s screaming.I Put him on my breast 30 minutes each And layed him down & again screaming . I changed His Diaper, I Burped Him , I Messaged His Tummy , Put Him Tummy Down , I Rocked Him , & nothing I put his pacifier In his mouth . With his pacifier in his mouth he takes it and starts crying with his pacifier in his mouth and falls asleep like 2 minutes later again crying . I Pick Him up put him on the breast again like 45 minutes on the breast I Would Try to put him back in his crib and still the crying sucking His lips and What looks like he is looking for the breast. So I Gave Him 2 1/2 formula & I burped Him I Try putting him down with his pacifier and nothing. It was 2 am and im still here pulling myhair out because i dont know what is wrong with him . I Starting Breastfeeding Laying Diwn I Eventually Fell Asleep and so did he . In The Morning Time He’s Fine He Breastfeeds fine and sleep Great Thats When I Catched Up My Sleep Now Here At 1am again he’s doing The Same And Im starting to cry because i dont understand whats wrong Idk if he’s hungry or somethinf is hurting him . Can Any Of You ladies Help? I Want some sleep for me and him !!!