10 yr old bed wetting every night, normal?

my 10yo step daughter is bed wetting every night. the smell is overwhelming its so strong. doesnt matter if u get her up 5 times at night she still wets. she has sdestroyed 3 mattresses in 2 years. we took her to a dr who gave us these tablets designed to "block off" the bladder at night, said they commonly give them to oldies.... and it made it worse. the smell is indescribable. She hasnt got UTI or bladder infection its been like this since birth. Shes a bigger girl (about 4 ft 3 and 101lbs) but aside from that is pretty good. Its to a point im considering adult diapers. I know how traumatising that would be but its so bad iam washing so much every day, she leaves her wet undies on the floor, the whole house stinks.... is it normal? and what can i do?? her dad and mom dont seem interested as they believe she will outgrow it but my mama instincts are telling me its something more

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