Idk What To Do! 39 Weeks

Kailyn • Navy wife + mom of 2

So I’m feeling really dumb. This is my second pregnancy but I have no clue what to do. It’s way different than my first - I never felt labor starting with my daughter. Didn’t feel a thing & suddenly I was 6cm dilated at 36 weeks and they were breaking my water.

Well I’m 39 weeks and I’ve been having the normal Braxton Hicks: my stomach gets super hard but no pain. They were pretty regular and would last for hours but eventually stop.

Starting yesterday I was having those and then some period-like cramps that were in my pelvis and through my lower back. They were regular but after a few hours they slowed down. I went to bed and they were still happening but spread out.

Since I woke up I’ve been having those period cramps and they’re actually starting to be painful. I’m not having the Braxton Hicks gardening though just the period cramps in my pelvis and lower back that are really rough.

They don’t seem to be speeding up - I’m not sure how long that takes? They’re about 5 minutes apart lasting about 50 seconds. It’s just they’re hurting so damn bad.