Born 11 days late! Birth Story❤


So my little girl came into this world yesterday morning (Nov 18th) . I had just left the hospital due to not feeling her move all day where they did an ultrasound and said all is well. A few hours later at 2:30am I woke up with small cramps. I browsed the web for a little while but they got worse so as I started tracking them I realized they were only 5min apart! I told my boyfriend we needed to head to the hospital again so we started packing. At 5 am we got there and I was 8cm dilated, no time for drugs! An hour later I was ready to push but the Dr wasn't even at the hospital yet, after waiting 30 min I began screaming "I NEED TO PUSH NOW" and right then the Dr walked through the door, 3 pushes later and she was born. Even though I couldn't have any pain meds, I originally wanted a natural birth, so I can't complain (even though when it came to pass I was begging for drugs!) . No cuts or tears , it was quick and 12 hours later I could walk around just fine. I've been so blessed!

8lbs 5oz and 19inches long born exactly at 6:38am after 4 hours of labor

Azariah Jade Harris ❤❤