My pregnancy after miscarriage story


Posting this because these were the kind of stories I wanted to read after my loss. Here’s the quick background: currently 37 years old. Gave birth to my son August 2015, started ttc October 2016. Chemical pregnancy January 2017. Found out I was pregnant again in April. On May 4, at 7 weeks, started spotting. Hcg tested and wasn’t as high as it should be. Miscarriage on May 6. Ultrasound on May 7 confirmed miscarriage was complete. Doc said I didn’t have to wait to try again if I was emotionally ready. Ovulated May 26, and found out I was pregnant a few weeks later. Had some mild implantation bleeding and had assumed it was my period, but when it stopped after two days I took a test. Currently 27 weeks with my baby girl ❤️