2nd delivery vs 1st


Hi ladies-i was wondering if any of you had horrible 1st labor/delivery experiences and had a better 2nd. My first was a 15 hour labor. water broke at 330 a.m. Got to the hospital and checked in at 530 a.m. Contractions were already every two minutes. Was checked around 8 amd was fully effaced but not dilated more than a 2. Got the epidural around 10 and was fully dilated by noon. buuuut instead of having me start pushing i was told to lay on my side and have the peanut ball between my knees and they would be back soon. Fast forward to 330 p.m. and finally got checked again and nurse was calling for the dr because baby was there and ready. 5 minutes later the dr comes in and baby had turned sunny side up which caused her to go back up. I tried every position known to man for pushing, was throwing up and felt like i was on fire. At 630 p.m. dr told me i needed to make a decision-vacuum or c-section. I was opting for a C but hubby was more level headed so the vacuum was tried first. At 643 p.m. our daughter was born. After this experience i am very nervous about our next one coming in March. I want it to be less traumatic for all of us.