Irrational fears

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby/ healthy pregnancy. I have been having mild pink spotting, and because of that have been closely monitored and just had another full US where everything came back perfect. Everything is great with the baby. This is our third healthy baby and the first one that we are not finding out the gender until birth. We have two boys already. I strongly feel that this one is a girl, but we don’t know. Lately I have been in fear that I am somehow going to lose this baby and the spotting is freaking me out more about it. I am afraid that I will lose this baby and that it is a girl and I will lose my one chance at having a daughter. Crazy sounding I know. And we are planning on having at least one more after this. I know it’s my crazy hormones, but the next few weeks cannot come soon enough for a healthy delivery, boy or girl.

Anyone else going through something similar??? All I want is my healthy Christmas baby.