Does this count as rape?

I'm going to give as much detail on this as possible so it's long.. Sorry. But I'm a 14 year old, and I have a suspicion I was raped or at least molested by my cousin. My cousin is 17, and about maybe two months ago I was in her room borrowing her vibrator. (she lets me use them from time to time cause I don't have any of my own. I also never penetrate myself and only do clitoral stimulation) This is where she brought up that I'll have to put things in my vagina to masturbate "correctly". She offered to help me and I thought she would be a lot more gentle and soothing with this but she got out a stainless steel butt plug she had since I was afraid of the size of her smallest vibrator. At first I was okay with her pressing this butt plug against my vaginal opening because she had told me the only way I'd understand my vagina is if I masturbated "correctly". But I got nervous and as she was pressing it in I got panicky and told her to wait many times but she kept putting it in. It hurt a lot and when I brought it up to her I tried to justify it saying my vagina just wasn't used to the pain. I was shaking as I laughed off my pain about it. After I reached to pull the butt plug out of me my cousin forcibly spread my legs open to observe my vagina and she told me she broke my hymen. Not much happened after that, I was coated in lube since she had at least been nice enough to lube it up for me before putting it in so I went to go wash the lube off me. And I left her house later that day. I bring this up today because I was reading up on the definition of rape and it said that rape can be committed when there is a sexual act made by deceiving so I got worried that maybe her claim that she was "just helping me" was to decive me. So I just ask, does this count as rape? Or any type of sexual assault? In case anything legal comes up I wanna make sure I'mnot falsely accusing. I live in Michigan if that also gives anyone any details. Thanks ladies.