When your happiness turns into heartbreak 😔

Danielle • Nov 2017 👼🏼 Ectopic July 2018 👼🏼 Delayed Miscarriage December 2018 2 sacs present 1 empty January 2019 👼🏼 heartbeat stopped Miscarriage 10weeks October 2019 positive test 🤞🏽 Praying for our 🌈

Me and my fiancé have been trying to conceive for 21months, on the 3rd November are dreams became a reality when we got two lines. We were over the moon all our plans were set in place for our first child to come into the world in summer. Being a women I think everybody panics, previously having the LETTZ procedure I wanted everything to be safe so I arranged an early 6 week scan and blood test to see my little orange seed. Last Monday my hcg levels came back at 2024 but the scan revealed a thicker lining of the womb but no sac. I couldn't get my head around it how could I be pregnant but your telling me you can't see anything. My hormones continued to rise to 4813 I pushed for another 2 internal scans but the consultant confirmed it was ectopic and that I needed to make a decision that day wether to be injected with methotrexate or have the tube removed. Our little world crumbled, I couldn't process what this women was saying I didn't everything by the book why me ? We decided to go with the injection in hope that it would save my tube before it ruptures. I know of only few that have experienced ectopic. Calling out to everyone, please if you have been through a similar experience and/or have had a healthy pregnancy afterwards please please please share your story with me and fill me with hope. I would greatly appreciate it 💛💛