Bilateral CPCs


Hi everyone! I know I've posted about this once and have replied to old threads, but I'm just seeking some peace and reassurance.

I had my 20 week scan (at exactly 20 weeks), with a perinatologist (basically a high risk Dr. because my Dr. doesn't do in office scans). I was told everything looked great by the sonographer, but the Dr. came in to get a better view of baby's face and heart (he wouldn't turn--his back was to us).

At the end, he said everything looks normal but he could tell I am a worrier. He said he wanted to mention CPCs because they're in the report. He didn't want me reading the report and worry or think he wasn't being forthcoming, since I was told everything looked good.

He told me what CPCs are and didn't even mention possible implications of them (he never even mentioned trisomy 18 or any other genetic issue--I found this through my own research 🙄). My mind focused only on "cysts in the brain." He simply explained what they are and told me to not worry (which I instantly did). I had never heard of these and wasn't really, really worried until I started reading online because he was so reassuring.

I did ask if I'll need to go back to get them monitored or for any further scans. He said no because they're so common and disappear on their own. The sonographer even said she sees them almost daily and they're never a concern.

From my understanding now, I just have to believe everything is fine and trust him. I have no idea what my OB/Gyn will say (I won't see him until Friday, which feels like an eternity), but I'm sure he won't be concerned since the perinatologist isn't. I am 30 (conceived when I was 29), and I have not had any genetic testing due to my age and lack of family history on either side. I'm also worried because I haven't had any genetic screening, but it was never mentioned to me by the perinatologist (again he never connected the CPCs to any genetic abnormality).

Thank you for sticking it out and reading all of my ramblings. Despite my fears, I finally announced my pregnancy, but the fear still plagues me. I just want to know that everything will be ok.

I would love to hear any and all experiences with this. Thank you! 💕