Stretch Marks or Am I dying?


Hey ladies so this is my first pregnancy, I’m almost done with my sixth month, and so far I’ve had no stretch marks! When I went to hop in the shower just now I saw my left breast has very blotchy red spots on it. It almost looks like a rash but it’s not raised at all, it kind of looks like blood coming to the surface from under the skin. There’s no texture at all. My right breast is pretty much fine, there’s only a few of these red dots but not nearly as many and they look ore like they’re in a line. Are these the beginnings of stretch marks? Also, don’t mind my vainey boobs, they’re always like that 🙄 I’m seeing my doctor in just a few days so I will get a professional to look at it but in the mean time I need some peace of mind.

This is my right breast. ^

This is the left^

Update: I looked up heat rash and rashes associated with itching too much, since the past few nights I have been waking up very hot and itchy, but they all look like gross bumps. Mine aren’t bumpy at all, my skin is really smoooth in this area. It’s just discoloration really, do you guys still think it could be from heat or itching then?