Dreamed it's a Girl!!!


So it's a girl. I had a dream that I was having a reveal party. And the reveal was someone had hung up baby dolls in the closest or something (not to clear about that) but I remembered that. every other doll had on either blue shoes or blue socks and vice versa with the other dolls but except pink. It was confusing much because the blue was throwing me of but the last doll had on all pink and a loose pair of socka sitting on its feet. I still didn't get it until I looked back up and realized even though the dolls had on blue socks or shoes it was pink somewhere within them like the bottom or shoelaces. So it clicked all that pink it must be a girl. So I turned around and asked "is it a girl"!!!! And true enough it was a girl. screamed and rolled on the floor excited saying "Its a girl, it's a girl". I'm done. I am so done with having kids. lol So basically I am going to be having a girl. I've been waiting on this dream. With my son I had a dream that he was going to be a boy. two separate dreams at that and of course he came out as a little boy. I can't wait to find out if this time my dream came true or not. I'm so excited.