So a week ago today I had my baby shower. My husbands mother and sister planned it all (only because my family lives in a different state & I didn’t feel comfortable flying so late into my pregnancy.) I loved the theme & I loved having my mom & my little sister here for it. But, I feel like the baby shower wasn’t for me. I felt like the baby shower was for his sister (she’s having a difficult time conceiving.) She invited her husbands family, my mother in law invited all her friends from work (only two showed up.) I just feel like it wasn’t for me. I knew nobody besides family, of course. During the baby shower one my mother in laws friends showed up with her brand new baby, like only a week or so old. I wanted to hold him after my mother in law did. Well, when I go inside to hold him, my sister in laws friend is holding him, which whatever. I made a joke & somehow it turned into something more. My mother in law & my sister in laws friend straight up said, “you’re going to have your own soon & it’s not like you’re going to let anyone else hold her, you’re going to hog her.” Am I in the wrong for still being upset about this..? & the fact that they said that, I now want to do exactly that.