optimistic or getting my hopes up

Brittany • Wifey to Josh, mommy to Jaxon and Nova 🥰

So. I got pregnant this month last year and I miscarried at 6w4d in January. I have feelings I'm pregnant. Such as constipation, pains, insomnia and eating non stop. My husband and I took a shower together and he exclaimed that my nipples were dark. Now I'm excited but scared I'm getting my hopes up. Ugh going on 2 years trying all together in December. Aunt Flo hits tomorrow on Monday. I took a test on Thursday which was early and it was a bfn. Not sure when I ovulated because we kinda gave up already. usually glow is spot on give or take a day or so. ill take a test today or tomorrow. anyways I just wanted to rant. so if I am or not I'm sending lots of baby dust to all the women trying to conceive! much love!!