Girls help.. late period, pregnancy symptoms - negative test!

Just trying to find out if this is normal?! 😩

I know periods can be messed up after coming off the pill. But I thought if my first one was normal that I would be ok! My last pill was 17th September. I had withdrawal bleed 22nd for 4 days. Then my first period 20th October for 5 days. So according to this app and Ovia I was due AF around 16th November. Still nothing 😩

Two weeks ago I was so dizzy, headaches and no appetite for about 3 days. Didn’t feel ill, just not myself! I took a pregnancy test 17th, negative. And again 22nd November - negative.

I don’t want to keep doing it and being disappointed and confused.

Last week or two I’ve had shooting pains in my boobs and generally fuzzy head, headaches, dry mouth/lips, even low sex drive the last week.

I’ve heard of people having a late cycle when they first come off the pill, but not the second or third month. This is cycle day 38!

Can anyone shine some light on if it’s normal or if I should go to the docs?!