Over 6 years off trying

Over 6 years off trying!!! All the odds were stacked against us, 1st...age...I’m over 40yrs old. 2nd, I have thyroid disease which makes it very hard to get pregnant, 3rd my FSH levels were 36, 4th I only have 1 ovary (other ovary was removed due to ovarian cysts over 20yrs ago. About 6 months ago the stress of trying and the constant disappointment and heartbreak was just to much so we stopped trying. When my period was 2 weeks late I just assumed it was my thyroid acting up and throwing my hormones off as usual. I took a pregnancy test today and it turned very positive in seconds, the 2nd test went positive even faster!!! Wow, after 6 years and just giving up we are in complete shock but over the moon with happiness! Baby Dust to everyone!!!