Tongue tie mommies - help!

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I have a four day old newborn with a posterior tongue tie. I can tell her latch isn’t right and I had a lactation consultant confirm it. She’s getting tons of hiccups and it takes a long time to breastfeed, especially at night. I feel so badly for her. The good news is, her diapers are wet and filled with breastfed poop.

I should mention that Im a bit concerned about clogged ducts and mastitis as well.

Can anyone give me their experience with their little one’s tongue tie?? My mom has me all freaked out about it now. And I’m concerned about it taking another few days to get the insurance referral. Getting it done immediately seems like the wisest choice. I’m worried about my baby’s discomfort in the meantime.

Help! This is all new to me... thank you for any wisdom!