Really strange dream

It was a holiday dinner. My dad and both brothers, the in laws and my husbands brother, another couple without their kids were all seated around our kitchen table. They were all laughing and enjoying themselves until I gave them some type of poison to make all of them listen without being able to respond. I then talk to them individually and tell them all off and how they have made me feel. Specifically my husband, one of the friends and mother in law. Like just how awful they have been, lack of support, making me feel lonely even though I’ve tried to reach out. I let them know all the personal details that I’ve kept to myself for a very long time. I tell my dad that none of this is his fault and he needs to marry this lady he has been talking to and my brothers need to be happy and support him. I then grab a knife that sharpened and slit my throat. Before I slit my throat I say I hate you all motioning to my husband, the in laws, and other couple. I then woke up and the first thing that popped into my head was do not judge me by my choices you don’t know what my options were.

What could this mean?