Social media really a problem?

Update: Thank you ladies for your advice and tough love honestly I needed to hear it and yes you all are right it’s nothing major to have us fight and break up over. Thank you for letting me know I got to step back and appreciate i have a good man 😍

I was cheated on many times in my last marriage and I have to believe it won’t happen again and I can have a good man..


@Kelly no you didn’t and I didn’t take it at all offensive or anything at all I really liked your advice and i plan on doing just that 😊 thank you so much


Okay ladies I need some advice, my boyfriend and I had been together for about a year and half and then his job transferred him out of town and we started having problems etc so we decided we should take a break. Well in that break I didn’t date anyone else just activated Facebook again and Instagram etc

And of course he did the same so months pass and we reconnect and get back together. Well my boyfriend has always had a lot of friends both male and female and he’s never once made me feel I couldn’t trust him so my question is when is to many female friends on social media to many?

Here’s the thing he removed all the pages on Instagram you know that had fitness models half naked and whatever which is fine there just celebrities but when I told him you have a lot of friends that are females he was like yeah but some are married have boyfriends or there friends I went to high school with and he told me don’t worry I would never hide anything from you and you can go through my feed whenever and plus they all see I’m in a relationship with you. I truly want to be okay with it but I just feel like I don’t want these girls posting selfies and then he sees them in his feed and etc and I told him that already and he said to give him more credit that he doesn’t even have time to get into social media let alone be checking anyone out. (He works over 60 hours in a week)

So just wondering am I making a big deal? Should I just let it be or should I put my foot down and say delete everyone?!

I don’t want to sound insecure cuz I’m not and he’s never given me reason to think other wise and he does let me see his stuff when or if I ask... which is rare when I ask and he has no password on his phone he removed it after we got back together.... I don’t have sisters and my mom passed when I was little so I could use some advice from other ladies...