1 year anniversary


So january 30th my 1 year anniversary is coming up with my SO. We already lived together for a while but since we got into a bunch of fights and the place was too small to give each our own space in those moments I decided to move out. We do plan on finding a better place next year. Everything is good now but I just want that day to be something special. I just have no idea how... He's a calm guy, he likes being on his own, games and being physically active. He doesn't like gifts at all! I have tried, the gift really doesn't matter he just doesn't really like them. Not that he minds them, but it isn't something great or special to him, no matter what. Since he doesn't really like going out either (not really a people person) I am wondering how else I can make this day wonderfull and magical for him, other than just being together and enjoying eachothers company/cuddles and such. Any ideas ladies?