TMI tubes tied..

so I have had my tubes tied for almost 4 years. may 27th with me 4 years I had them tied after I had my son. I know I there is always a chance but since I have had them tied I have had a very normal period every month. 21 days apart 5 days long. anyways the reason I'm posting is I started my period 2 days early this month an it only last 3 days. which was very light. mostly just spotting. now i have been off for 3 days and I have had these cramps for now all 3 days in my uterus and down farther in my vaginal area. anyways I haven't felt these pains since I got pregante with my son, an I'm just wondering if any ladies might know more about the subject. *note* I wouldn't be disappointed if I was just very shocked, scared. since the guy I'm with is an unofficial thing right now an we have only been seeing eachother for 2 months. **also I know this is an app for women who are trying to have babies an all but I hope no one judges... *** debating when and if I should buy a test. thank you in advance to anyone who offers who offers input.