My boyfriend doesn’t help.

I️ just need to vent for a second. I’m so sick and tired of my boyfriend not helping with our baby. He only helps when I️ force him to feed her and thats only once in a freaking blue moon.

He doesn’t change diapers

He doesn’t burp her

He doesn’t stay up with her

He doesn’t get up with her

He doesn’t bathe her

He doesn’t dress her

He barely holds her

The only thing he has done is make 3 payments of doctor bills. Out of 10. Sending us to collections.

Now I’m staying at home with her until she’s 3 or 4 months old. I️ didn’t have a job while pregnant because I️ was extremely exhausted all the time and could barely stand for 10 seconds without feeling sick and being in pain. Which I’m sure is normal for pregnancy. So I️ myself haven’t paid for a bill but he acts like he can’t afford it. But he can afford shit for his car.

All he has to pay for is his car, phone, and insurance. Nothing else. No rent. Nothing. And he makes pretty decent money.

Every time I️ get on him about not helping with her he says “well you don’t pay the bills” “you start paying bills, I’ll start helping”


I️ will literally be in the other room getting ready and he will be in bed right next to her bassinet (with her in it) and yell at me to come into the room to give her a pacifier when she starts getting fussy. Like wtf you are seriously right next to her.

Another example: she feeds every 3-4 hours and it will start getting to that 4 hour mark and she slowly starts waking up. And I’ll be busy with something and ask if he will go make her a bottle and he’ll say “she doesn’t need to eat” “she’s not hungry” “no she’s fine” and then 5 minutes later she wake up and starts crying.

Or I’ll ask him to feed her and he says she doesn’t need to eat. Or that no cause he’s hungry and needs to eat. YOUR CHILD COMES FIRST.

Or (sorry I️ got a lot of these) he will have just finished eating and she’ll start getting hungry and I️ haven’t eaten yet. I’ll ask him to feed her so we both can eat and he’ll tell me no. So now my foods cold cause I have no freaking help.

I’m just on the verge of breaking things off and going after his ass for child support so that way basically nothing changes other than the bills will be paid.