A lump😔


Hi all,

A bit of a confused one right now.

I had an ultrasound done about 2 weeks ago. The doctor messed up and the results went to their junk folder. A week ago I booked an appointment to see the doctor to which she said I definitely have PCOS but they’ve found a lump in my Fallopian tube. I’ve had extreme pain. She said it looked like a lump of liquid and that I need to see a GC and have another scan in 6 weeks. I was a bit worried but she seemed in no huge concern. I’ve been ttc for 6 months and had one period and serious pain. That was my main issue.

Fast forward to Thursday and I get a call from the receptionist saying the doctor needs to have a chat about my results. Should I be worried.

I’m away from hubby and tbh he’s not the most emotional person. He’ll give me a hug but doesn’t know much about women’s issues so he tries to make me feel better but I’m feeling a bit stressed. Anyone had something similar?

Thank you!