Fell on ice, 13 weeks pregnant second Time I ask apartment building to take care of the ice on the front entrance.

I am 13 weeks pregnant just got home from the hospital. I fell on the ice in the front entrance of the building. I wear winter boots with rubber picks. I slipped on the ice and fell directly on my back. I had to go to the hospital because of the pain where they said I bruised my back, and put my self at risk for preterm labor. Which at this point there isn’t anything they can do to stop it :(. So now I’m on bed rest and can’t lift anything. I have a one year old daughter so I don’t know how to do this alone. This is the second time I have asked the apartment building to sand that front entrance. I fell once before but caught my self at 10 weeks called them they said they would take care of it. Than I fell again today and ended up in the Er with all this new news. I don’t know what kind of action to take because they aren’t taking this seriously.