So much to be thankful for ❤️


This has been an extremely long year for my family. This year my husband and I had a MMC At 11+1 on July 31st. D&c; followed a few days later: truly crushing. A few other things ensued between all of that, that has made this year the worst year I’ve personally ever had.

Fast forward to December 14th, my paternal grandmother dies from cancer. We kind of new it was coming, but the way it happened was terrible. My mother and her were at the grocery and she just collapsed. And died on the scene.

2 weeks later we are here in my hometown for Christmas and memorial service. I wanted to take an hpt, but told myself it was just Bc I was anxious. And always am, during the TWW. The 2nd line came up immediately.

I know it was my grandma who blessed us with this 2nd bean. And it truly is what they say, “there’s life after death.”

I’m nervous, excited, and a zillion other feelings. But, when I think about this I am calm. Keep fighting & have faith. Merry Christmas 🎄