Not sure how to respond

I would like to start with saying that we are happy a lot of the time.

I would like some advice on how to respond to negative (untrue/exaggerated) things that gets said.

My husband would get so mad if I don't want sex. He gets sex at least once a week or on a very rare occasion only once in two weeks. It would happen more often though that we'd make love more than once a week.

Here is an example of our conversation:

He would touch me in a certain way and I would respond with, "do you mind if we do this another night, I'm sorry". He'd then say something like, "It's not like I expected anything different from you. You always say that" or "I'm use to you saying that".

It makes me so mad! I think I feel this way, because it hurts me.

Don't comment if you have genuine advice.