Beautifully unexpected.

I got out of a bad relationship just a few months back. My ex had came to my job and tried to fight me while he was drunk. I went back to my job to get one of my managers and he ended up calling a guy that he knew and originally I hated the dude I guess cause he would pick on me in a way I didn’t know like high school picking on you cause I have a crush on you. They checked my ex was gone and he had left by the time they walked me back. All this happened around 10:30 at night. After that day, I told them both thank you and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. After that day I stopped “hating” the guy. I felt bothered by him cause he would pick on me at work lol never had that. One day I was on my break and he came and sat with me. I didn’t think much of it and I let it be. We talked and after that almost every break and lunch I had he was sitting with me. I talked to him as a friend and one day while he was talking I just starred at him but I told myself no don’t you dare lol and I brushed it off later on I notice how nervous he would get like he wanted to ask for my number or hang out but he couldn’t idk why. And that was fine cause we hadn’t established anything. One day it happened he got my Snapchat but since I’m barely on that I gave him my number. We hung out one day and that night we hung out. He got close I pushed myself away and once I stopped pushing away it happened we kissed I’ve never really had a romantic kiss like that. We’re almost a month being together and it’s been amazing, I slept all day Christmas Day and he tucked me in and gave me kisses in my head. The feelings i have for him are just so strong. I love how he supports and understands me, being a mom and my goals to finish college. I remembered praying to god and saying if he’s right for me let him stay and if he’s not right for me god please take him out of my life and so far I’m seeing the blessing ❤️