Lower Abdomen Pain😭😭 contractions or not??


These last two days I have such bad lower abdomen pain the only way I can explain the feeling is as if I have had stitches going across the lower part of my bump and it feels as if they are ripping apart when I walk stand or sit!

I lifted my legs up earlier as my partner was taking my trousers off so I could get in the bath (as I was in pain) and the pain was just unreal!

Thinking about it now last night I had an increase in discharge but it was clear and the pain is constant for a while but then goes when I'm in the bath so I don't think it would be contractions. I haven't even a clue what to be looking for if I was having contractions (I'm a FTM)

My friend suggested that my LO is getting ready and going head down and my mum suggested it's pressure from that but I didn't realise that's what pressure would feel like.

I have a scan on the 29th so I will mention the pains then but has anyone experienced this before or know what's going on?

I'm due 4th Feb and really worried atm

Hope someone can help!!