Please stop

Jaye • 20• Lux’s Mom 👶🏾💙

Please stop encouraging young girls to get pregnant! Just because everything worked out for you does not mean it’ll be the same for her. I’m currently 19 and will be 32 weeks on Friday, my friend is 18 and a few weeks behind me and our situations are totally different.

I’ve seen girls on here encourage 15 year olds to go ahead and get pregnant like 😳😳😳... let’s congratulate the already pregnant ones, but let the ones who are trying to know yes you can do it, but to hold off!

I thank God that I can buy any and everything I want for my son, that I will be able to take him on vacations, that he won’t need or want for anything and that he won’t have to see me struggling and living check to check.

Make sure that if you want a baby the you’ll be able to provide and give them a great life!