Brother in law rant

Seriously, you are a pig of a man and I can’t stand even looking at you.

You’re a racist, sexist, bigot and your jokes are not funny they are just sick and offensive. That is not “dark humor” or “just saying how it is”, that is called being an asshole.

You constantly make the rudest most ignorant comments. When you found out I was adopted you commented that my parents “bought me.” And when I corrected you, you just laughed and shrugged me off.

You taught your 5 year old racial slurs and think its funny. Its not funny, its disgusting.

You grab your wife’s boobs in front of your young kids and everyone else even though she says not to. She will say no and you just keep groping her against her will and its sick.

And then you finally topped yourself. You made a miscarriage joke. I didn’t even know that kind of shit existed but it did.

You dropped that sick, fucked up joke to me the day after I suffered a miscarriage. And then you laughed when I went quiet and left without saying anything.

So fuck you.