Does this chart look like I could be in labor??


I’m only 35 weeks, 4 days today. It is currently 7:15 pm.

At 6:45 pm I went pee, and then sat down in my chair. As soon as I leaned back I felt a TINY gush. So I got right back up and checked, my underwear had a small spot of water, but I wiped and there was a fair amount of just clear liquid. Then at 6:51 I felt a contraction that I counted lasted about 30 seconds, but didn’t document it as I didn’t have the app pulled up. I have been tracking since.

They’re staying pretty consistent, and not getting too much worse as each one comes, but I do end up feeling a little more lower pressure. Not between every contraction, but the majority of them, I have had gas bubbles and I fart (tmi). As I’m typing this, I felt another small gush...this time feels like a little more so I will go check. But it does feel like I need to just poop or let out a huge rip lol.


UPDATE: might I add- we had sex earlier too, around 3:00 pm.

So they’re lasting longer but they’re not really causing me too much pain at all.