Parents Judging me

Hey guys! OK So its always been my dream ever since I was a little girl to be a makeup artist. I've looked into cosmetology and that's what I've decided, with prayer, I want that to be my career in life. I also have 2 sisters which makes things easy, cause I can "practice" on them with new hairstyles, makeup, and even the latest fashion trends. And tonight my youngest sister wanted to have a makeup party. OK cool! Another opportunity to work my magic. So I get to work contouring, dabbing, patting, drawing, sprinkling and so on and so forth. And presto, she's done! She looks absolutely stunning. I did a more dramatic look for something like prom, or a nice occasion like that. Now I do admit I got her eyebrows just a pinch too dark, but I can fix that easily. (It's not a hard fix) Besides, this is just PRACTICE. But I can. So she goes and show my mom and dad and they both shun it. Like she looksike some kind of devil. They say its too dark and just pick out all the "bad" things about how she looks. And that mad me so mad. Here I have gone and worked so hard, and she looks good, and now they say she doesn't???? I don't understand. I think its just because she's only 13 and they don't like her wearing dark stuff. But again this is just practice!!!!!!