So it turns out I’ll have to pay my tuition alone...(edit)

My father is useless and is using me going to college to be controlling (in his wimpy way) of my mother who I love more than anything. It also appears that someone else having all the financial power and/or being bad with it is triggering to me.

Sob story done. Here’s the numbers:

Tuition is $1140 a month (I know) and my expenses are $100-200 a month, expecting holidays, emergencies, and plane tickets (I am extremely frugal). I add extra for that to get $1600.

I have a work study job updating calendars/recording data/possibly social media maintenance that pays $360 a month. I calculated that at present numbers working part time (20 hours a week; month presumably 4 weeks) I would have to earn $15.50 an hour. This work study is my first job, and I’m not sure how to apply those skills. I really don’t think that is a likely beginner’s salary, and I most likely can’t work more without damaging my performance.

Is there any way for this to happen? I’m leaving out scholarships/financial aid, as they’re unknown variables. I’m also open to unusual ideas (nothing illegal or ethically iffy, mind you).

I’m asking about ways of earning money, so only give advice about that. Thank you.