Water broken???? TMI!!


Hey all,

So I'm 39w5d and I was in labor and delivery last night because of blood pressure concerns (that luckily ended up being okay!) but I was also having contractions lasting about a minute every 8 minutes. They weren't changing my cervix (I'm 3cm and 50% effaced for reference) so they sent me home. Tonight, I took a looooong warm bath. When I got out, dried, and dressed, I went to pee. I thought I was finished peeing, but I hadn't gotten up yet, I leaned over (still sitting on the toilet) to grab something and felt a gush of what I assumed was additional urine. I didn't think too much of it & just wiped and put my clothes back on. A minute or so later I bent down to pick something up and another small fish happened. This time I was pretty much sure it wasn't pee because it felt different, and I had no control or awareness of it. A few minutes later, another small gush, and then another! Pretty sure my water broke! Picture of the first two gushes for reference, tmi! Also some mucus came out with the third gush. And I've had like 2-3 contractions since but no rhythm to them it seems. What should I do? Am I in labor?