Heart broken. Single mom of two at 18.?

I’ve been in love with the man of my dreams since I was 13. I’ve always been really mature for my age and thought I knew more than my mom did. We got pregnant on “accident” condom broke, when I was 16. He has always worked hard and had money to support me and our little girl. I moved in with him and had our baby at 17. Now we have never been perfect we have both made mistakes and after I had our child was born

I thought he would be the best dad ever. He wasn’t all he does is work come home and sleep and complain. Of course I got pregnant again and will have this baby when our daughter is 15 months old. Our relationship is worse than ever. He is not the dad i was hoping he screams at our 10 month old telling her to stfu and stuff wont change a diaper or wake up with her on one of his days off to give me a break just one time. He will just leave to hangout with his buddies and expect me to watch her. He says he’s not interested in sex anymore and will go days without kissing me and if I ask for one he acts annoyed. I’m also not perfect I don’t cook supper hardly ever and my house isn’t always clean but i try for him. He’s mad I don’t contribute financially and says I’m annoying and talk to much. I’m scared to leave because I’ve never had anyone else and I now have two children and no way to make that kind of money. Basically I made my life way harder than what it could of been. My heart is broken. I feel like when the second baby comes it will only get worse. Any advice? Please help