am I pergert?

Anyone have a simular expericence to mine? So on Nov. 19-23 I had my last period. I had sex on the 27th. The condom broke and so I took plan B the following day. The dr. said that I would have a “withdrawal bleed in the next couple days, and if you don’t have a period for december, come back and take a pregnancy test”. So my sister, and my mom told me that you usually don’t bleed after the pill. On Dec. 2,3,4 is when I had this “bleed” or whatever. For December, I haven’t gotten my period yet. My <a href="">period tracker</a> says i’m 13 days late. My boobs were really sore yesterday and today, I can’t tell if i’m more hungry then usual, I’m having mood changes like crazy. But these are also signs of my next period right? I also took 4 pregnancy tests that my mom got from the hospital, and there were no lines at all. not even 1. I also had sex with the same guy on NYE, i’m assuming the condom didn’t break.. so if THAT condom broke unknowingly, could I be pergnant right now?