Just another one of those “should I stay or should I go “ stories


Hughhhh here we go

I dated him for about 3 Years. We were SUPER close. I left him because I just started college and he’s the only bf I’ve ever had & thought it would be good for me to “explore”.

So now it’s been 4 months and my ex texts me saying “are we over for good? Cuz if so, I want to move on. I’ve wanted you for a while but idk if you want me too”

Basically asking for permission to date someone else, IF I don’t want to be with him

MEANWHILE, I’ve been thinking about him a lot and how good we had it & wondering if I made a mistake OR if the mistake would be getting back together

I don’t know if I’ll find someone like him again or if I’ll regret letting him go

I’m scared to make this decision

(& I don’t wanna hear the “if you’re having doubts..” or “talk to him about it” bs )

I’m so flustered & idk what to tell him

Help meeeee