Prayers for Baby Noelle

Renee • First time mom to a sweet baby girl 🎀💗🎀 Jan 20. 18

I am 34 weeks today and though I feel like I look every bit of it, the doctors are saying that my baby isn’t growing properly. My stomach and baby are both measuring about 3 weeks behind. I was sent to a specialist yesterday and after doing an extensive ultrasound, they diagnosed my baby with inter-uterine growth restriction. I will start with steroid shots today and will be closely monitored for the next 2 weeks to determine if I need to be induced. They say she weighs about 2lbs 14oz instead of 4 lbs like she should. And on top of all of that, they are also saying that she may have pulmonary stenosis. I will see a cardiologist next week.

I don’t think I can take anymore bad news. Her dad and I are both trying to stay strong but it’s not easy. Please pray for baby Noelle. Thank you