I'm 41weeks and going in to get the pill that they stick up vaginally and I'll be getting 2 doses if they need to. Has anyone tried this and has worked I forget the name


ill be going in at 8a.m and will be there until dinner if I don't go in labor then they will send me home to give it a little more time if nothing by Saturday Sunday morning they will induce me with pitocin. I have a couple mom's that scare and have not been much help to me they say it won't work and w.e but I've heard more than 4 that swear it worked so idk...they will make me walk for a couple hrs and such as well I can't eat anything while I'm there except like yogurt, jello and light stuff so I need to eat a huge breakfast..Im just excited for the morning to.come I've been waiting for something to get planned and it's finally the end I'm 41weeks! now coming to a end one way or another 😊

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